Thursday, August 5, 2010

Try to be cool is ain't cool.

I have list in my phone which blog i preferred to read while I'm waiting for a train, inside the train, in the morning and so on. this blog which are really fun to read. One of the blog that i stalked is own by one of my office mate. the MOST favorite person in the office that i like to stalk (tengok jelah, sbb die cantik dan stail :p ). Because she portrays herself as a happy go lucky girl, but reading her blog, made me know her in person and feel intimate. (eceh. palotak aku intimate. hahah. rasa close dah lah. over tau. haah). siape? adelahh.

I am definitely a stalker. haha. is a dark side of me I think. but its not a crime. as it didn't make any harm for them. i love to 'see' ( gune perkataan see la, lagi sopan and acceptable dari perkataan stalked! hehe -mind game )  some of the person who is really caught my eyes. i love to see what they wearing, their way of talking, and some sort of thing. its just, i admire certain people soo much that i LOVE to see they carry their good self. adalah 2, 3 orang. they just the kind of person i wish to be, but i cant. so, watching them is some sort of entertainment for me as i see them as a PERFECT person in my opinion la kan, of course. nobody perfect la mimi. but they are. haha. aku dah cakap macam kambing gurun hilang gigi dah. heh.

That is one type of person that i like to stalked. there is another type of person that caught my attention towards them. *you might not want to be in this list, heee~* the people that i HATE. I hate some people with many reason that human can create it. forgive me for that. but i am the basic human being. we hate when we don't like, and we love what we like. that is simple huh? but, hate is the strong word. OK lah, i use the word disagree. I'm not hate, but i just don't agree with them in some sort of thing. OK? Thank GOD somebody create this social network thing. to name a few : Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Blogspot and so on. so, we can stalk people with the least chances to get caught. except u guys go stalked and do any harm to the particular person, SHAME ON YOU, YOU SHOULD GET CAUGHT! * huruf besar ok, peringatan.*

Why i like to 'see' their profile like every three days :  both type of the person that i stalked ?

I personally don't have any clues or answer why i like to do that. haha. its just my nature to know about the person that matters to me * in a good way or bad way* . Soo sorry peeps. you just one of my favourite pastime thing to do. hehe. chill la guys. there nothing to be worried la. im still me. you still you. heehe. Cool!

Talk about cool, i have a problem on who updating their status in Facebook just to portrays themselves as a coolest person that they can (N)ever be. Come on lah. People know the different. try to be cool is ain't cool. you feel me? Don't try too hard. Yes, you can update what you like in you Facebook page, but be yourself. I'm not saying I'm cool. I'm faarrr from cool. I'm a geek. hehe.

The box in Facebook page says "What's on your mind?" not "What's the cool word that you can come out with?" just stick with the first question, OK?

Till then.