Friday, March 23, 2012

Kahwin #5: Teaser 1

         Baru baru ni (Bulan Mac) aku dengan satu famili ke Bandung. Shopping la konon. Dapat la aku beli kain-kain yang patut. Disamping beberapa barangan lain. Memang sakan shopping sana. Nasib bawak duit ala kadar. Tu je nak cerita. Heh. Aku pun nak bajet arties ada teaser itu ini (Bluwek :p)

Kain misteri #1

Kain misteri #2

Babai :)

p/s: Bila lah aku nak pergi tailor ni T T

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love, not easy to find but it's worth it.

I once believe love is a fairy tale. You met someone, you fall in love and you live happily ever after. It is simple, pure and beautiful. We stuck in a dream so long till we can’t see the reality. But, it is NOT. Love is complicated, head over heels, too much emotions, ups & down and the list will never stop. I once envious with my friends who happen to found their "other half" earlier than me. In my high school, most of my friends are having a great time with their boyfriend/girlfriend while I stuck in a "admire" phase. And the worst thing about that, I always be in a one sided love relationship or nowadays most of people called it as "it’s complicated." 

Things don’t change for me until I further my studies. I get too attached with someone who doesn't even realize my feeling towards him. I’m just waiting for my miracle & fairy tale to start playing the role. Silly. You will not found love like that. I heard some saying that "Choose someone who love you more than you do, because love can be nurtured." Honestly, I don't believe this shit. Like, how can we love someone if we don't have any feeling towards the person in a first place? That it’s how I ended waiting for someone that I love to love me back. 

Well, love isn't a fairy tale. You have to earn it. Try and error. Because you never know you might be end up with someone who doesn't even cross your mind. Entering my 5th years of love relationship with him, I can say that I'm learning a lot about love. 5 years it’s not a short period. To be honest, we still learning and accepting our weaknesses of each other. To see if we able to stay beside each other through thick & thin. And I hope we are strong enough to face against all kinds of challenges that will occur, especially after we entering a new world that definitely will have even more obstacles compared to right now. But we hope and will always pray hard that we will be okay and survive.

Love, not easy to find but it's worth it.